We are at a place of crisis in our society and in the province of Alberta. The threat of an NDP takeover of our province's highest seat of power is a real and dangerous possibility, and with that prospect comes serious repercussions for this and coming generations of Albertans.

Currently, Alberta with Danielle Smith, a libertarian at heart, is leading the province out of the failures of past administrations. She has helped to reinvigorate our economy, and has worked with her team to remove red tape and restore more liberty and prosperity in the province. If we lose Alberta to socialists such as a Rachel Notley led NDP government, we will be restoring the same regressive and repressive regime that demonstrated a hunger for tax hikes, big government ideologies, deficit financing, and the shutting down the economic engine of Alberta.

Along with her friend Justin Trudeau, Rachel Notley has had the oil and gas industry square in her sights. Her goal to shut down oil and gas, the economic engine of Alberta, in the near future will negatively effect many trickle down industries and supportive services, taking out many Alberta jobs in the process. She will bring back red tape, and impose a series of policy and social agendas which are geared at ridding Alberta of its Christian roots, and will strip more and more of our civil liberties.

If Albertans are naive enough to believe the marketing of the NDP, and decide to throw the weight of their vote behind the same party that raised over 90 different taxes during their short term in office, drove jobs out of the province, and opposed education choice and parental rights, then Albertans will see the hope of the return of the Alberta advantage escape their grasp for many years to come. You can see more truths about Rachel Notley’s damaging record of leadership from the last time she managed Alberta’s government by clicking here - www.StopTheNDP.info.

Alberta needs leadership committed to protecting our sovereignty as a province, strengthening our economy, preserving and further restoring our liberty, embracing and promoting quality education choices, and re-enforcing the rights of mothers and fathers to raise their children without dictatorial intrusion of agenda based decrees into their living rooms.

Not that long ago, Alberta enjoyed the Alberta Advantage that enabled our province to not only be debt free, but to have money in the bank, back in the Ralph Klein days. Back then, Albertans enjoyed receiving Ralph bucks from the province while the province was in the black.

A few generations before that, Alberta was formed with Christian values, and founded on the Christian principles of freedom of religion, thought, opinion and expression. It was built with robust communities and strong families and these were the underpinnings of a strong and prosperous province that continues to innovate, and provide a place where people can not merely survive, but thrive.

With churches launching and running "In From the Cold" programs, women's shelters, pregnancy care centres, homeless shelters, food banks, and men's rehab facilities and programs, great school programs and education institutions, and so much more, Christians have played a big part in the heart and moral compass of the province, yet there is increasing threat of persecutions of various kinds on our rights to freedom of thought, opinion, and expression in Canada, which strikes right at the soul of Christian life and other Faith groups.

It's time for Albertans to wake up and take a stand against the decline of morality, economic prosperity, and individual liberty in our great province and protect it against those who oppose liberty, and choice.

A vote for the NDP is a vote that strikes at the future of our province and a vote against one's own interests.

Having a UCP government with a libertarian leader like Danielle Smith at the helm of the province we will as people of faith be better off. The UCP believes in entrepreneurship, strong families, strong communities, and getting the province out of debt and empowering us all for a better and brighter tomorrow is a vote in favor of one's own interests.

Sincerely asking for your sober consideration before going to the ballot box this year,

Jim Blake
National Chairman
Concerned Christians Canada
+1 (403) 690-4636